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A helping hand for you and your child

Kinder-Party-400wAre you worried that your child hasn’t reached developmental milestones? Are they often worried or sad? Do they need help with their social skills? Are they having difficulties at school?

If your child, of any age, struggles with anxiety or depression, or if you feel they are missing out on things and not living life to the fullest, we can help. As mothers, we know how challenging parenting can sometimes be. As qualified psychologists, we are here to provide support for both you and your child.

Our child psychology practice in Sydney’s eastern suburbs offers comprehensive assessment and intervention for any concerns you may have about the development, learning, or social, emotional or behavioural difficulties your child or teenager is experiencing.

Our clinicians are here to help children and adolescents overcome difficulties and increase psychological health and wellbeing through evidence-based intervention. We can also provide support for gifted children, as well as advice and counselling for parents.